About Us

Think Solutions is a professional consulting business.  We provide various consulting services to our clients, be they multinationals or local businesses.

Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder of Think Solutions UK Ltd in the UK and Think Solutions AB in Sweden, leadership consultancies specialising in employee engagement and profitable corporate cultures.

She also operates as a consultant, speaker and coach, working with individuals, teams and organisations, providing strategic leadership and tactical solutions to clients around the World.

Her consulting experience includes Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Dynamics and Effectiveness, Customer Service, Cultural Change, Cultural Intelligence, Visioning and Strategic Development.

Rich Hearn

Rich Hearn

Co-Founder & Head of IT

Richard W Hearn

Co-founded Think Solutions in 2001 which began with Think Solutions AB in Sweden and was added to in 2008 with Think Solutions UK Ltd. His latest role is with the new organisation Katapult Partners Ltd in UK.

Rich also operates as a Senior Consultant in managing projects & programs at enterprise level. Working with client teams and organisations he establishes, manages and grows these teams’ ability to not only implement change programs but also to adapt themselves in the process.

Working in the Financial Services industry with companies like American Express, he has built up a wealth of experience in different areas such as banking network strategy & related IT processes, Contactless device acceptance models such as Mass Transit and Foreign Exchange at scale across Correspondent Banking methodologies to name a few. These complex processes require system solutions that are as simple as possible and that can adapt to future change.

Rich’s roles both within Technologies teams and as an integrator between Business and Technology have required him to be able to understand technical solutions but also to articulate these for regular users. His experience includes Tech Project Management, Business Program Management, Product Development, Change Management, Testing Systems at scale and across methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile for organising teams, process and system change.

Taking this Big Tech understanding, Rich has applied this in his work identifying & implementing the best solutions for small business clients in UK, Sweden and elsewhere that want to have the best cloud based systems available. Ensuring the highest level of integration amongst these systems is also key and is an area where Rich’s background of assessing technical solutions helps ensure companies invest in solutions that integrate well.